Connecting the best minds in Africa to build tomorrow's businesses

African businesses are on the move! After decades constrained by national infrastructure and challenging political backdrops, the recent proliferation of Africa's technology and information-age signals the arrival of a genuine 'global-leveler' that will, for the first time, see African businesses competing consistently and aggressively on an international stage.

At Mindsmeet we celebrate the innovative way technology and creative businesses are already transforming every sector of African life, and the significant role they will play in Africa’s development. Yet tomorrow’s businesses are often stifled by insufficient and unnecessarily complex access to the talent needed to establish and grow. Conversely students, graduates and experienced professionals in technology, creative and entrepreneurial subjects are hindered in their careers due to an inability to find roles that match their disciplines and passions.

Starting with an online jobs platform for the tech, creative and entrepreneurial sectors, Mindsmeet is helping the most innovative and ambitious of African startups, SMEs and multinationals find the very best of Africa's home-grown talent in these new age sectors. Part of that promise involves helping creative, tech and entrepreneurial talent to explore their passions, fulfill their ambitions and support their very own journeys of wealth creation.


To connect technology, creative and entrepreneurial talent to innovative jobs and career opportunities at cutting-edge companies founded and/or operating in Africa, across all sectors and categories.


  • Contribute to the well-documented opportunity to deliver and additional 72 million stable African jobs by 2020 (McKinsey & Company)
  • Help build and develop the next generation of African businesses by mobilising and providing undiscovered talent with the opportunities to develop, commericalise, and reinvest their skills into the African economy
  • Contribute to Africa’s economic development, exploiting the information age 'leveler' to build a specialised, competitive, 21st century African workforce that becomes the envy of the world and drives the continent towards achieving its inevitable ‘net exporter’ status.


Oyin Solebo Previously an Investment Associate at Goldman Sachs and a Strategy Consultant for Roland Berger's Sub-Saharan Africa, Financial Services Team. BSc Hons in Economics from The London School of Economics & Political Science. Cake-enthusiast and lover of all things theatrical.
Charles Sekwalor Previously a Strategy Consultant at McKinsey & Company, Supply Chain project manager at Tesco and Consultant at Accenture. MEng Hons in Electrical & Electronic Engineering & Management from Imperial College, London. F1 fanatic with ambitions to own a team and bring F1 to West Africa.
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